Tree Farm Massacre Haunted Attraction

2021 and the Pandemic Continues

Nobody could have predicted what was to come as they raised their drinks and watched the New Year’s Eve Ball fall in Times Square. It all started small… wildfires, tensions rising between countries, the deaths and convictions of once loved stars. But then, SARS-CoV-2, or as most know it, Covid-19, hit.

Many people weren't worried in the slightest in the beginning as it was made to be nothing but a joke. That is, until it began changing the daily lives of millions. Schools began closing. Shops, restaurants, and any public space were deemed a spreading ground for this new virus.

Of course, before people noticed the spike in cases, Louisiana was being filled to the brim with celebrations. The Mardi Gras season would bring in people from all over the country and all walks of life to party for that year's Mardi Gras. Louisiana would go on to be one of the most infectious states in America, with the virus infecting hundreds daily, and claiming thousands of lives in the short time since it began.

It wasn't long before the government began loosening their grip on citizens, letting many states let people roam almost entirely free of rule; but this would be short lived, because after the tragic death of a man, riots began. Chaos was rising. And yet in this, parents still decided to send their children to school, not giving a second thought about their actions, or health for that matter. Before we knew it, Covid-19 had affected every home, every family.

Little did we know, the virus was beginning to brew a little chaos within itself. Soon, researchers would find that a new strand of the virus was forming. They noticed small changes in patients; delusions and strong bouts of hunger were among the first. It didn't take long for the delusions to turn into paranoid hostility, and the bouts of hunger to turn into an unending pit of starvation.

Without telling the public, the government started human testing with experimental vaccines. Because they wanted controlled subjects, they went to prisons and mental facilities to find their little lab rats. Thousands of trials resulted in thousands of failures; the changes within the virus were too constant and strong. Outside the tests, more and more people were beginning to notice the new arising symptoms.

The stock market finally crashed. The government had basically fallen trying to contain its citizens. They all watched as their loved ones became cannibalistic monsters; and those that didn't have family drove themselves mad turning into a state of complete isolation from the outside world.

The human race as we knew it didn't exist anymore. People were dead in the street or one of the empty, vicious shells of the infected roaming around the cities and forests, or you were alive and helpless.

Louisiana has been deemed un-savable, and we no longer have the help of others. We are alone. You may be wondering why I'm telling you this, and though you may not understand, I believe it must be explained. We have been doing our own studies; researching the ways the infected act; how we can survive in the open and without having to cower in fear.

We have conducted many experiments of our own to find the most valuable survivors.

You have been selected for this test. Whether that be from your strengths or your weaknesses, you don't know. But, in either case you will be used in our further learning.

Can you survive the Hell this has become? Only time will tell.

Your only goal is to survive.

Good luck.


No children under the age of 15 allowed unless accompanied by an adult.

Not responsible for loss or damages.

Not for the faint of heart!

Upper Iowa University